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Tokyo Islands

Why don't you taste the fish from Tokyo?

Tokyo Island Fish

Tokyo has a strong urban image, but the waters surrounding the Tokyo Islands (Izu and Ogasawara islands), which are made up of islands large and small, are one of the best fishing grounds in Japan, where a wide variety of fish can be caught due to the complex undersea topography and the Kuroshio Current.

There are 11 inhabited islands in Tokyo. These islands have unique nature, culture, and history.

We will create opportunities for you to learn about the delicious ocean-fresh fish produced in the islands, which are rich in nature and culture.

The splendid alfonsino (Kinmedai)

Fishing in the Izu Islands is mostly a one-day operation, with each fish carefully landed by single-line, drift-fishing, or set-net fishing.

Tokyo's Kinmedai, which is especially worth tasting, is characterized by its moist, silky flesh, as opposed to its rich, fatty taste.

Caught year-round, kinmedai is one of Tokyo's most popular fish. Sashimi, simmered dishes, and shabu-shabu, as well as marinated with kombu (kelp) and vinegar, are all popular ways of preparing kinmedai to bring out its flavor.

*Fish may not be available due to ocean conditions.

Kinmedai Sashimi (Kombu-jime)
Grilled Kinmedai
Preparing Kinmedai

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