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Unagi from Toyosu, Japan

(Tuesday Pickup)




About Our Unagi

Special Japanese Unagi Kabayaki and Unagi Shirayaki from Toyosu Market, Japan to your home! 

Our unagi (freshwater eel) is grilled at Toyosu Market in the morning and shipped by air to LA. It is never frozen, totally fresh, unlike those sold in the grocery shops. It is very soft and super tasty, you will crave more when you try! Many unagi are from Aichi Prefecture or Shizuoka Prefecture. They choose what are the best for the day, so it could be from other Prefectures. The quality is guaranteed. The best Unagi in LA! 


How to Order

Pickup for Unagi is Tuesday. Please see our Schedule for more details. Orders must be placed by 8 pm on previous Tuesday (one week in advance)


How to Serve

Our Unagi is grilled to the perfection at Toyosu Market. So please warm up just a few minutes with the toaster over. Please do not overcook it. You can also put it without opening the bag into the boiling water to warm it up.

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